Social Coerce offers social media management solutions to Businesses, Consultants, Marketing Groups and other Service or Web-based Professionals.

We are a Social media firm that strategizes, manages and guides your company’s on-line presence, so you can do what you’re best at, as your visibility and expert status grows.

You probably do not want to spend time networking on-line: commenting on profiles, “liking” pages and posts, opening groups, learning the newest social network and most of all, I bet the very last thing you want to do is gather the content you have and filter it to write blogs and fit it all in 140 characters.

That’s why we work with by doctors, health & wellness centers, spas, restaurants, attorneys, car detailing services, Real Estate Agents, Title Agents, Tutoring Centers and numerous other industries.

They want to do what they do best and have us to do what we do best and they want someone who will understand their needs and work to generate more revenue.

We understand the local communities, online networking, how to target the influencers, using our extensive blogging experience through campaigns with large fortune 500 brands. We know how to deliver content that is relevant and timely.

Are you ready to let us bring your business to the next level?

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