Some of our clients ask me, “Can I help you by adding more content to our accounts?” My answer is yes and  I give them some social media tips to help them navigate the platforms and help their business online presence grow, by using social media effectively. Here are some of the tips I want to share with you:

Curate Content –

Curating content from other experts is a great way to share relevant information and become a go to source of great content to your followers.


Beware of Hashtags –

I wrote a post for a client and she edited my post and hash tagged the whole post, using 10 hashtags, while my original post only had 2. Let me politely quote Guy Kawasaki’s book, The art of Social Media: “We recommend adding 2 or 3 hashtags to your posts. If you use more, you’ll look like an #idiot who’s trying to #gamethesystem.”


Understanding The Platforms –

It’s important for you to understand the platforms that you are attempting to use and how to effectively use those channels to grow your online presence. I highly recommend that you read articles and observe experts before using the platforms, to give you a general idea on how to successfully navigate them.


Participation –

Being more active in the platforms you are using will help you generate more retweets and gain followers. Most experts agree that you should post 1 – 7 times on FB, 8-20 times on Twitter, 1 – 4 times on Linkedin, 3-10 times on Google+ and 2-8 times on Instagram. Some posts should be casual and others should contain more in depth, industry relevant information. If you are worried about people unfollowing you once you are more active in those channels, that is a small price to pay to gain popularity and have your content distributed and seen in a broader way.


Schedule Your posts –

The ability to schedule posts helps you run your business and still have your content distributed through your channels. Here are some options we recommend:



Sprout Social


Engagement –

Share other people’s posts, make positive comments, suggest resources and offer solutions. It will open the door to those who have received your attention to return and eventually reciprocate and trust me, it works!

If you have more tips, please share them!